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The Right Way to Apply Mascara

apply-mascaraHave you ever needed to get longer, thicker and more full eyelashes simply like Heidi Klum ? Mascara is one of the basic apparatus to help you accomplish the objective. Which works better to make eyes look much more profound and more alluring. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the right technique to apply mascara, please take after this article to get a further finding out about wearing mascara.

# Pick the right mascara for yourself

Before applying mascara, take a moment to consider what you need to get with mascara – twisting, volumizing, characterizing, quicker development or waterproof. Consolidate with your unique eyelash condition and choose what sort of spent lashes require.

Furthermore, For mascara, what makes a difference more: the fixing or wand? Specialists guaranteed them two have break even with significance. It is informed to bring an attempt with respect to a few mascaras to discover which brings the best result.

In the event that your eyelashes are short, attempt an extending mascara with a littler brush to safeguard you cover every lash.

In the event that you need to twist eyelashes, search for the mascara with a bended brush.

If your lashes are fragile or damaged, choose a mascara contains Phyto-keratin and panthenol to grow lashes. By the way, you can also take a try of eyelash serum, such as latisse, lilash or careprost eyelash enhancer to regrow longer and fuller lashes naturally.

At last, mascara should be replaced every three months. So feel free to take a try of different brands of mascara to find yours.

# Apply mascara on your upper lashes

Step 1: Curl lashes with eyelash curler at first. Apply the curler close to the root of lashes and gently squeeze for 5 seconds, curl the tips for 5 seconds as well. Then repeat the step on another one. This action  will makes sure you get a natural curve.

Step 2: Step: Wiggle the wand of mascara, don’t pump it up and down, For the later action  will cause air into the tube to make mascara dry fast.

Steps3 : Look up to lift lashes, place mascara wand gently into the base of lashes and wiggle it. Be sure the mascara are places near the roots. Which makes lashes look thicker and longer.

Step 4: Draw wand up and through lashes carefully. Wiggling is the point for it can reduce clumping.

Repeat to give your lashes a second coat, not too much, a third coat is at most. Because too much mascara will lead to your lashes dry and clumped.

# Apply mascara on your lower lashes

Step 1: Before applying mascara, lay a facial tissue underneath your lower eyelashes. Which will help you use mascara without dyeing to your face.

Step 2: Apply mascara to lower lashes with very tip of the brush. If your mascara provide a small wand, you can use it. Which makes it easier to control and get close to the roots of lower lashes.

# Some common problems

If make a mistake when applying mascara, remove it with cotton swabs. For example, if you draw mascara on your face, don’t smear it to make things worse. Just leave it to dry and press the tip of cotton swab to remove it.

You can take a try of baby powder to thicken lashes. If your lashes are short, you can take this trick. Apply one coat of eyeliner, then apply baby powder with a makeup brush on your lashes . The last step is to add a layer of mascara. Furthermore, you can also take a try of careprost eyelash serum. You can apply it every night after removing makeup. Apply serum with a applicator gently to your upper eyelid. Stick it out for a few months and you’ll see transformations. Which will enhance the effect of using mascara.

remove mascara every night with the cosmetic remover. If not, it will dry out your lashes and cause them to be brittle. After learning about basic knowledge of mascara, just feel free to give yourself a chance to be better with mascara.